Polonnaruwa Heritage Day Tour

It is a district which is situated in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka, and the largest city of Polonnaruwa district, the especial ancient city was created by 12th centuries king Prakramabahu, Polonnaruwa was declared as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1982, which is well preserved historical site in Sri Lanka, it’s a 2nd Capital ancient city.

Things we do

Cycling site trip with an approved site guide

Archaeological Museum : Offers you protected ancient ruins of Polonnaruwa

Dalada Maluwa : Terrace of tooth Relic Known as Quadrangle, it’s a high significance mass collection of religious shrines, ancient

Gal Vihara : Buddha’s status carved out of granite cliff. Majestic 46 feet rock-carved reclining Buddha is highlights inspired centuries of Sinhalese art.

Lanka Thilaka : Rising high 55 feet impressing wall image house, placing a large Buddha statue squashed inside the narrow space.

Royal Palace & Citadel : Structured seven stories Marvel ancient Royal palace of king Parakramabahu, royal bathing pool, intricately carved council chamber, And much more ruins on the site. Thereafter according to the time, able to do a wild safari at Minneriya National Park or Koudulla National Park.

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