Sigiriya & Dambulla (UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE) Day Tour

Early Dive to Sigiriya Lion Rock, which was nominated as 8th wonder of the world, 5th centuries fortress of king Kasyapa, its became as a Buddhist monastery after his death, and much more wonders at Sigiriya, you will get all about Sigiriya with our site guide. Dambulla BC 2nd centuries largest and preserved cave temple, caves of the temple filled with Buddha’s statues and 150 images of Buddha, all paintings and statues representing the various history of Singhalese sculpture and paintings. And bullock cart village safari experienced you village life of farmers.

Things we do

Climb Sigiriya and climb the lion rock fortress

Enjoy bullock cart village safari and traditional village cooking have our live prepared organic lunch at a village hut
Visit Dambulla Cave temple

⭕ Drive back to Hotel or Airport