UNESCO World Heritage 4 Days Tour

This Tour is specially created for the travelers who are interested in historical and cultural of the country, and willing exploring in sort days. We have picked the most interested and must-visit heritage sites, so in these 4 days we are covering the below sites

From US $375 per person

Covering Locations

Anuradhapura, Dambulla, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Kandy, Minneriya National Park, Kaudulla National Park

Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Anuradhapura World Heritage Site, declared by UNESCO in 1982, Urban Iron age site which was found 5th Centuries BC, which is well preserved 1st capital ancient city of Sri Lanka

Cycling site seeing trip with an approved site guide (with requested language)

Visiting site are

Archaeological Museum: Offers you Protected ancient ruins of Anuradhapura

Sri Maha Bodhi: Over 2000 years old sacred bo tree

Ruvanweliseya Dagaba: The Sacred place for Buddhist countries of the world, and best architectural marvels

Jethavanarama: World Largest Ancient Bricks Building

Abayagiriya: After the Pyramid of Giza this is the Highest Complex of Ancient History,

Moonstone: Ancient Sri Lanka’s unique highlight of Singhalese architecture

Ishurumuniya: Carvings of Ishurumuniya Lovers, Elephant Pond, and Horsemen are the highlights of the Ishurumuniya rock temple

Mirisavatiya Dagoba: Sacred relic of Buddha’s Dagoba, constructed by BC 2nd century

Kuttam Pokuna: Ancient centuries ‘Twin Bathing Pond’ outstanding hydrological engineering achievement site.

Nuwara Weva: BC 1st century largest water tank, covering 12 square km of area, contain about 1500 million cubic feet of water

Mihintale Rock Temple: worship as a birthplace of Buddhism in Sri Lanka

Day 2

Polonnaruwa World Heritage Site, declared by UNESCO in 1982, this especial ancient city created by King Prakramabahu in 12th Centuries, which was the 2nd capital city of Sri Lanka after Anuradhapura

Same as Anuradhapura Cycling site visiting trip with an approved site guide (with requested language)

Visiting sites are

Archaeological Museum: Offers you protected ancient ruins of Polonnaruwa

Dalada Malawi: Terrace of tooth Relic Known as Quadrangle, it’s a high significance mass collection of religious shrines, ancient

Gal Vihara: Buddha’s status carved out of granite cliff. Majestic 46 feet rock-carved reclining Buddha is highlights inspired centuries of Sinhalese art.

Lanka Thilaka: Rising high 55 feet impressing wall image house, placing a large Buddha statue squashed inside the narrow space.

Royal Palace & Citadel: Structured seven stories Marvel Ancient Royal palace of king Parakramabahu, royal bathing pool, intricately carved council chamber, And much more ruins on the site.

Safari: game ride at Minneriya National Park or Koudulla National Park. Depend on animals migration

Day 3

Dambulla cave temple, world heritage site declared by UNESCO in 1991, BC 2nd centuries largest and well preserved cave temple in Sri Lanka, the cave temple filled with Buddha’s statues and paintings, our next visit to

Sigiriya Lion Rock Fortress and ancient city, world heritage site by UNESCO in 1982, 5th Centuries fortress of king Kasayapa, which was nominated as 8th wonder of the world, and its became as Buddhist monastery after his deth.

Next our visit to the Village hut, as a village safari, riding a bullock cart and passing lakes by a catamaran, and will have experience of traditional cooking with village ladies and have live cooked authentic lunch at village hut

Afterwards you can have a Sri Lankan Special Ayurvedik SPA treatment for yours relaxes (optional)

Day 4

Kandy Sri Lanka’s last kings Capital city, known as Capital of Hills, because its surrounded by green bushy green mountains, Kandy world heritage site by UNESCO in 1988, in there we visit the most important sacred Buddhism temple in Sri Lanka “Temple of Tooth Relic” and walk or Boat ride around beautiful Kandy lake, then visit Gem Museum, Silk Factory. Royal Botanical Garden (optional) Bahirawakandha Hill top temple and Kandy city view point

There After Drive back to Airport or Hotel around Colombo or Airport, or if you have any other options willing to continue we are glad to do

Tour Package Included

  • Fully air conditioned latest car (up to 3 packs) van (4 to 6 packs)
  • Pick up and Drop off (airport or hotels around)
  • 4 Star hotel accommodations
  • Single Room for 1 pack
  • Double Sharing for 2/4/6 packs
  • Triple Sharing for 3 packs (can be make double and a single on your request, with an   extra payment)
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • 1-liter water bottle per day per person
  • Sites entrance tickets with Taxes
  • Special site guides (Generally English speaking, can be arrange requesting language skilled guides for advanced bookings)
  • Cycles for cycling tours
  • National Park entrance tickets with taxes
  • Private Safari jeep for the game ride
  • Fruits and drinks during the safari
  • Mentioned as Optional are not Included in the package